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Welcome to a place where the wisdom of Ayurveda ingrains with contemporary beauty needs.

Incorporated in 2016, Rooparth is an Indian beauty brand that roots from Ayurveda – the world’s oldest science of holistic healing and living.

What is Rooparth?

Rooparth is a combination of two Sanskrit words “ROOP” and “ARTH”. Roop means Beauty and Arth refers to Define. Rooparth came into existence with the purpose to use Ayurvedic Wisdom to Redefine aesthetic beauty and bring out pure radiance within you that reflects on your face.

How does Ayurveda Works?

Ayurveda is an ancient mind-body healing system that works from the “inside out” approach to give you desired results. This 5000 old holistic system focuses on the prevention and treatment of illness, from the root cause through different lifestyle practices (including aromatic massage, meditation, yoga, and nutrition) and the use of natural herbs.

Rooparth’s products are formulated using premium-grade herbs that are handpicked from local sources so that you get nothing less than the best. Our formulations are 100% based on Ayurvedic Principles.

Rooparth Is a Socially Responsible Brand and We are serious about it.

At Rooparth, we ensure that we give what we take from nature. We also give cautious consideration to the raw material and eco-packaging to reduce carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.

Our Key approaches towards Social Responsibility

We make the best possible efforts to give back what we take from nature and society.

Empowering the Fairer Gender

We encourage women in the area near our production plant to work with us. This contributes to the Socio-economic development of women in rural areas. The UN studies indicate that most women spend nearly 90% of their income on their children & families. Therefore, economically stable women have healthier and cultured, educated, and civilized children, which in turn enhance the level of human development.

Sourcing of Raw Ingredients from Local Agriculturists

Our premium grade products are loaded with premium quality raw ingredients sourced from local farmers who use eco-friendly farming practices. This helps the farmers to get the maximum outcome for their efforts (without paying to the middlemen) and undoubtedly we get world-class quality of ingredients from the original source.

Our Contribution Towards Nature

As a token of gratitude towards mother Earth, we plant numerous trees every month. Tree plantation is the only way to save the planet and the existence on the planet. The first assurance of our survival on earth is the Oxygen that we only get because of the plants and trees around. Thus, this is our moral and social responsibility to return what we are taking from nature. We do our part by planting trees in the open areas, wherever possible.

Our Values

Environment-Friendly Packaging

At Rooparth, we have minimized the use of plastic in the packaging of our products. We use reusable containers and glass for packaging. Besides, the cartons are made from biodegradable material certified by FSC. Inside the box, we use paper cushions instead of bubble wrap to ensure the safety of the glass container during transit. We are continually striving to reduce CFT and its impact on the environment, at our end.

Ethical Sourcing & Safety of Workers

Our ingredients are sourced from local farmers. This helps us in generating less waste, increase efficiency and promote small-scale farmers to get the maximum return for their harvests.
This also helps us in making sure that the raw ingredients are being sourced responsibly and sustainably.
We make sure that that the workers and farmers are safe and treated fairly and the environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration, right from sourcing, production, and packaging of our products.


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