Dry skin looks dull, flaky and rough. It lacks moisture and glows. People with dry skin know how difficult it is to manage this skin type. The skin looks like a barren land if the layers of moisturizer are not applied.

Using moisturizers and lotions at regular intervals is a tiresome job. Dry skin needs special care to make it look soft and smooth. Although difficult to manage, with some tips and tricks dry skin can look beautiful too.

Here are the 7 Skincare tips for dry skin:

1. Switching to the right diet:

You must have heard that you are what you eat! This exactly might be the case with your dry skin too. It’s an internal problem and an indication of a poor diet. Diet lacking the essential nutrients required by the body results in an imbalance in the body. According to Ayurveda, it’s an indication of an imbalance in Vata dosha. With the right food and proper nutrients, this problem can be solved easily.

Within days after switching to a proper diet, you will notice changes in your skin. You can consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner or Ayurvedic Health Counselor for your proper diet. They will help you know what your body deficit is and plan your diet accordingly.

2. Check your ingredients properly:

How many times do you try on and check your new dress in the trial room before purchasing it? The answer is – many times, right? You look through every angle to see if it’s the right fit for you. This should be the same with the products you buy for your skin. See if the product contains any harmful substance or chemicals that might be over drying your skin.

Chemical Ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, SLS, mineral oil, artificial fragrance are the potential damagers of the skin. The key ingredient to be checked is alcohol. Products containing alcohol make the skin dry. It is also harmful to your skin in the long run. Use natural products which are free from alcohol, paraben and mineral oil. They are good for your skin and also deliver good results.

3. Exfoliation is the key:

Our skin has a natural exfoliation process. It gets rid of the old cells on its own. But with age, the natural exfoliation process of the body becomes slow. Therefore, exfoliating your skin as a regular regime to maintain it is important.

For dry skin, exfoliation is a must. The build-up of dead cells on your skin makes your skin look drier and duller. It’s important to get rid of them.  Weekly exfoliation can give you healthy glowy skin. Make sure to use a gentle yet effective exfoliator for your dry skin. Do not go overboard with it. Once or twice a week is enough for gentle circular motions while exfoliating.

4. Oil for skin:

For dry skin, oil can be your solution. Using natural and pure oils for your skin can nourish it deeply providing the moisturization needed. A good Ayurvedic oil helps to balance the Vata element of the body.

For dry skin, oils like sesame, almond and olive are some good options. Make sure the oil you use is free from impurities. Simply take a few drops of the oil on your palms and massage it over your face. Some people prefer moisturizer to oil. While using a moisturizer, use it on damp skin. This way the skin is moisturized for a long time.

5. Abhyanga for healthy skin:

In Ayurveda, Abhyanga is a common and ancient practice. It is massaging the body with warm oil. This has multiple benefits and maintains healthy skin.

The oil is applied to the entire body and massaged in circular motions. This promotes the blood flow to the skin, improves the texture of the skin and makes it soft. The skin appears smooth and beautiful. This can be done every day to maintain healthy skin. If you don’t have much time, you can do it once a week.

6. Time it right:

Timing is an important factor while caring for dry skin. Starting early to take care of your dry skin is important. People with dry skin should start with their routine in late summer or before the Vata season (fall and early winter).

Knowing when to apply the moisturizer is important. It should be applied after cleaning the skin properly. The moisturizer should be applied while the skin is damp. This is important because the moisturizer traps the water on the skin. This successfully helps to keep the skin moisturized.

7. Use lukewarm water to wash your face:

Using hot water to wash the face strips the skin of its natural oils. It also irritates dry skin. This can make dry skin even drier. Since dry skin is prone to losing moisture soon, hot water should never be used on it. Lukewarm water effectively cleans the skin removing the dirt from the skin. It also maintains the natural oils of the skin. Coldwater does not remove the dirt effectively, hence ideally should not be used to wash the face.

Closing Words

These are the 7 tips to manage your dry skin. By following these simple tips regularly, one can see improvement in their skin. The dry skin will start looking nourished and soft. It is important to maintain a balanced diet while following these tips. One should not overdo any of the steps. This will only result in more skin problems.

It should be kept in mind that dry skin is a result of some internal imbalance. Especially when you did not have dry skin before. It is therefore vital to consult an Ayurvedic consultant to check for any health issue. This is important to maintain the balance and health of your body. This is also important for the overall health of the body.

You will no more complain about your dry skin with these tips. Following them will make your dry skin smooth with no more flakiness or roughness.