India has its diverse beauty of culture, color, and traditions. It is a platter filled with all sorts of people with their unique food and flattering languages. The different religions there contribute their special warmth to the atmosphere of the country. It is not just bound to its heritage and tourist attractions. India has its own ancient unconventional medical treatment system which fascinates people towards it. There are yoga and Ayurveda which spell bounds people and make them come to India to try out these old and effective methods of treatment.

A traveling tour to India seems to be a little daunting and unnerving. As an unsuspected traveler, you should keep certain things in your mind during your whole trip. So that you do not fall ill and spoil up your health as well as your trip.

What follows are some recommendations, consisting of Ayurvedic meal routines and easy to find herbal formulas to pack in your travel bag When You Are Traveling To India.

Board The Plane With A Happy And Healthy Belly. Start Now!

Before boarding on the plane make sure you do not overfill your stomach. It is a sufficient amount of food but do not overeat. Also, make sure that not just before boarding the plane before that also eat healthy and good food so that you do not travel with a bad gut. If your current diet and routines are far from what is mentioned below, then you need to start practicing some of the food observations here a month before you fly.

Eat Light

The gut of ours, when given the chance, is going to manage the changes in the atmosphere nicely. But overeating is going to be hard to manage.

If you expect that you are going to be sitting for long periods, then avoid eating a lot of food.

Avoid overconsumption of all those amazing delicacies – I know sometimes it is tempting and makes you feel as if you may never see this particular specialty again, but you should enjoy responsibly and must keep this in your mind that your gut is only able to process the amount of food you can hold in your two palms at each meal.

Keep it Moving

There is a direct correlation between constipated types and parasite difficulties.

If you are not someone with the type to poop easily, then you must consider getting on Triphala before you start to travel, and should follow a routine of 2-3 tablets before bed while you are in India, at least up to a few months.

I would also recommend a short Ayurvedic cleanse before you hit the road. You can easily consult an ayurvedic practitioner about a cleansing program before you go to India.

Para Cleanse

People have great results using this formula as a preventative on their 3-week temple tour in winter. It helps in keeping one’s system inhospitable to invaders and is also a good helper if you are going to be moving about a lot for a time (which is when you require to be most mindful).

It will only work if you take it 1-2 tabs, 2-3x/day for at least 2 weeks. I had consumed it until the bottle was gone.

Boost Up The Immune System

It is all about how well and healthy the immune system is. It is very important to get strong and super healthy before you go. It is suggested to start the diet routines now. Make sure you get plenty of rest, always carry along some vitamin C with you.

Avoid Excessive Sugar Intake

Sweet and sugary things are very tempting and it is hard to control the urge of its consumption. But you should keep in mind that just the way we love sugar the bugs love them too. So make sure you go easy on the chai and the sweets when you are in India. You can expect the longer term to have some sweet cravings from the vegetarian, often overcooked food. Just do not let it take you over.

Rest Up

I know it is super exciting that you are going on a trip and you will get to visit and see a lot of new things and experiences but make sure you do not over-schedule your days as well as your trip. You must make sure that you are resting enough so that you give your body the time to improve and boost its level so that it can keep you fit and fine.

Do Yoga For Digestion

Yoga is one of the best ways to ensure that digestion takes place properly and make sure that all the nutrients are absorbed. for doing so one should lie on your back on the floor and take a wind-relieving posture.

Then slowly bring one knee up alongside the rib cage, keeping the other leg straight. After that, hold the knee with the same-side hand, compressing the ascending (right side) and then descending (left side) colon.

You can also circle the knee gently. Repeat this and remember never to suppress the urge to pass the wind or move the bowels.

Try Not To Snack

Make sure to take a break from eating. Allowing some space between meals will let your gut completely process each meal. So ensure that you plan out certain intervals between your meals. Adding up more and more food into the mix before the stomach gets fully emptied can result in fermentation, which is the most ideal and preferable atmosphere for our little friend parasites to flourish.

Watch Where You Eat

There are plenty of food destinations which sweet talk us but you should go to places where lots of people are enjoying good turnover. Ensure that you are eating from a hygienic place where the food is not contaminated and is fresh and properly cooked. Visit restaurants where there are a good vibe and delicious food.

Try avoiding raw juices, even though they are always on the menu. They always include white sugar added to it.

11. Positive Thinking

Have a positive mind before and throughout the trip. Do not overthink and create negative scenarios in your mind. You are going to be fit and fine! Be kind and sympathetic to your gut, meditate on clean digestion, be grateful for all of your meals, and know that millions of travelers enjoy India without any disturbance and health problem.

If one thoroughly follows these basic measures and tips, you will know how not to fall sick in India and would able to enjoy your travel properly.