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The Eye Bath Therapy

Netra Basti – The eye bath therapy

One thing that we have learned from Ayurveda is to embrace and accept the oily life. Ayurveda has recognized the medicinal value of oil, for both internal and external uses. From helping in detoxification to calming the nervous system. Ayurvedic Therapies build use of oil during a wide selection...

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Is intake of ghee hazardous for our cholesterol

Ayurveda values ghee i.e. clarified butter as a treasured food as it comes along with several healing properties. Ghee comprises fat-soluble vitamins, which help in weight loss. It also assists in balancing hormones. Because ghee has a smoke point, it prevents producing free radicals which result in damaging cell...

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Eradicate Prediabetes With Ayurveda

Eradicate Prediabetes With Ayurveda

Prediabetes is hazardous for the modern-day sedentary lifestyle. If left ignored, the person might become diabetic. Prediabetes is a condition where the body’s blood sugar level is higher than normal but isn’t high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes. By adopting healthy lifestyle changes, for instance eating...

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What are age spots

What causes early spots of aging?

What are age spots? Age spots, also known as liver spots or sun spots are spots on the skin surface. They are typically found on the face, shoulders, hands, or arms. They are usually flat and are brown. Sometimes they might appear like freckles due to their grouping over a...

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Ayurveda Herbs

Ayurvedic ways to gain Flawless Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body as it covers the entire body. The skin has many duties to perform as it protects you from the pollutants present in the environment, helps in thermoregulation, water, and fat cells storage. The world is flourishing with all sorts of cosmetics...

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Treating IBS Through Ayurveda

What is an IBS (irritate bowel syndrome)?  IBS is a typical stomach-related confusion that plagues endless individuals throughout the planet. The logical examination has connected it to stress and stress however at this point the specific reason for the infection is obscure. Bad-tempered Bowel Syndrome or IBS treatment in Ayurveda...

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